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An ancient Chinese proverb says:

Let those who say it cannot be done not stand in the way of those who are already doing it”



Some horse owners use an EP because they simply want to keep their horses barefoot. Barefoot performance isn’t about a special “barefoot trim”. It’s all about achieving good enough health in the horse’s hoof that it can cope with the workload that the owner wants from it without the need for shoes. As healthy hooves are my speciality, I work with the owner to devise a hoof conditioning and management programme which allows the horse’s workload to be safely increased as the hooves improve.

My clients include riding school horses, racehorses, dressage divas, happy hackers, driving horses, eventers, pampered pets, children’s ponies and general all-rounders. Here are some of them enjoying barefoot performance. Keeping your horse barefoot is a lifestyle choice that is certainly notma an easy option, but the rewards in terms of long term hoof health are worth the effort

Peter was very poorly with laminitis when I first met him. As you can see, we soon sorted that out and he is back enjoying work again.

Mac has been a client for many years now. He had his shoes removed after a diagnosis of Navicular Disease with significant damage to his navicular bones.

Ebby’s owner could see he had great feet and thought he’d be a good candidate for barefoot. It looks like she was right

Merry lives in South Africa and belongs to a good friend of mine. I have been helping him recover from Pedal Osteitis where the tips of his pedal bones have been damaged. Yes, it is me on board in this pic.

Casper. My first horse. His foot problems led to me becoming an EP. Casper died last year at the grand old age of 32 but I will always remember this very special horse. Rest in peace my handsome friend x

This is Nitika. She had a nasty attack of laminitis with rotation. As you can see, she’s fully recovered now
Tin Star - a Spanish Mustang with rock hard feet
When I first met Faith her feet were contracted with deep frog infections combined with quite severe conformational irrregularities in her front legs.  Slowly but surely, with exercise and continuous re-balancing work, Faith’s legs are straightening and her hooves are opening out nicely.

Echo showing them all how it’s done in a Western class.  Echo has been barefoot for a few years now.

This is Raff. A stunning Andalusian, Raff was imported from Barcelona with horrible hooves. All sorted now though.

Winnie has been happily barefoot for a number of years now.

This handsome fellow is Jamal.  He and his owner, Michelle are long standing clients who have enjoyed many years, and many miles without shoes.

Bow enjoying a hack with his owner, Natalie.

This big fella is Monty.  He’s over 17 hands and his hooves a work in progress, but he still enjoys hacking out in his trainers.

Jenny riding Owen, a horse who is sadly missed and fondly remembered.

TES is still young and has had six-weekly trims since she was a baby.  The result is healthy, balanced hooves.

This is Malteaser – a small horse with a giant personality

Ben prepares to take his friend Sparky out for a hack. Ben has been barefoot for a number of years now.

Having just had his hooves trimmed, Whisky prepares to take his human friends out for a drive.

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