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Standard Visit Fee                       £50

Shoe Removal                             £10

Assessment and Advice               £35

Report                                        £50





Standard Visit


My usual fee.  It includes everything – travel, trimming, assessments, advice, handwritten report, photographs, boot fitting – whatever is necessary.  A standard consultation usually lasts for about an hour (more if it’s a new client or a complex case, less if it’s a maintenance visit).


Shoe Removal


There is a charge of £10 to help me cover the cost of tools needed.


Assessment and Advice


If you just want an opinion, and don’t need me to trim the feet, the standard charge is £35.  If, however, the consultation runs over an hour, the standard consultation fee of £50 will be made to cover the extra time spent.




Usually requested by clients who would like to submit a full, typewritten report, with photographs, to their vet or insurer.  It will include a history of the case, what I have found and what treatment I recommend.




If additional equipment is required, such as hoof boots, supplements, sole supports, etc, these will be charged extra or, if I can’t supply them, I can tell you who can.


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