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Useful Links


These links have come in very handy for me over the years, so I thought I’d share them.


Equine Podiatry Links The Equine Podiatry Association (UK) is the only professional body in the UK specifically for EPs. Members have to have a high level of training, commit to continuous further education and abide by a strict code of conduct.  This site publishes an up to date list of current members. Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is a company set up by myself and my friend and colleague, Richard Vialls.  It provides a two year training course for those wishing to become an EP.  We are proud to say that this course is the most comprehensive Equine Podiatry course available. A discussion forum, run by the Equine Podiatry Association, and accessible to anybody interested in hooves. Experienced EPs dip in and out and offer advice and there is a wealth of knowledgeable support from fellow horseowners. Run by Justine Jenkins, this company supplies a wide variety of hoofcare products, from professional trimming tools to hoof boots and topical treatments for hoof infections. My friend and colleague, Debbie Crosoer.  Originally a remedial behavioural trainer, Debbie caught the “hoof geek” bug and is known as the EP that covers the largest area of England! Another friend and colleague, Richard Vialls. Richard is particularly interested in the study of laminitis and his website holds a wealth of information, including “Fred’s Blog”, a really interesting account of the recovery of a serious laminitis case. The website of Darren MacLean.  Another brilliant EP.  Darren and I trained at the same time and we’ve dissected a few hooves together! The website of Bob Bowker, American veterinary researcher whose contribution to the world of hoofcare and hoof function is very much appreciated.  I learn so much every time I meet Bob and he has heavily influenced my understanding of hoof growth and function. An Australian site which is busy researching the wild Brumbies to try to ascertain as much as possible about how wild horses behave, eat and maintain their hooves. A very useful and worthy project that I and my colleagues are following closely. A brilliant way to learn about anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the whole horse.


Other Helpful Horsey People The website of Tamasine Smith, a good friend and dedicated horsewoman who is a Silversands accredited trainer and one of the most motivated people I’ve ever met.  She runs regular training courses in South Africa and provides a “comfort zone” service enabling anyone in the world to have regular access to her knowledge and experience in the world of horse training, human training and classical horsemanship. Nick Thompson is committed to providing a personal, comprehensive and professional holistic veterinary referral service to the public and to veterinary colleagues for equines and small animals in homeopathy, acupuncture and nutritional medicine. Nick is educated in the principles of Applied Equine Podiatry and a pleasure to work with. Neil Gibson, a human and equine Bowen Therapist.  I frequently recommend him to see horses (and clients) with musculo-skeletal issues as these often have a big effect on hooves.


Nutrition Trinity Consultants are independent equine nutritionists with a difference.  Instead of telling you what to feed your horse, they listen to your problems regarding your horse’s health, temper, weight problems, hormones, itchy skin, etc, then make up a magic supplement that arrives next day.  The service is cost effective and has proved so useful to me as an EP. Clare McLeod is an Equine Nutritionist based in Wiltshire. She provides a wealth of common sense nutritional advice for your horse and is a lecturer on our two year course for Equine Podiatrists.  If I’m looking for a herbal solution I find Hilton Herbs are the best.  Run by a very knowledgeable and experienced herbalist, they offer reliable service and high quality products that really work.  Particular favourites are Gastri-X for gastric ulcers and stomach problems and Freeway for coughs and breathing problems. I am forever recommending Speedi-Beet.  It’s a brilliant source of calcium, provides slow release energy and doesn’t seem to affect laminitis.   A really useful product.  I also like the newer Fibre Beet which is so tasty, even fussy eaters seem to be tempted.


Hoof Boots Easycare probably manufacture the biggest range of hoof boots in the world.  Their range includes all types from the traditional “Old Macs” to high performance boots like the Glove.  Incidentally, I do keep the Glove fitting kit and supply the easycare range to my clients at reduced prices. suppliers of the Cavallo Simple and Sport boots.  These tough, hardwearing boots are particularly useful for horses who need to wear thick sole support pads inside or have wide feet with sloping walls.  I also like the ease with which you can take them on and off. These comfortable boots can even be supplied made to measure to ensure the best fit.  Ideal for horses with non-standard sized hooves.  An equestrian supplier who specialises in hoof boots.  They are happy to help you find the perfect boot for your horse and offer a “loan” service allowing you to try as many boots on as you like before you decide to buy.


Other Favourites For many years, EPs have been travelling to Glynhir to meet up, socialise and train.  Situated near Ammanford in South Wales, Glynhir offers comfortable, affordable accommodation – either self catering in one of their renovated cottages or Bed and Breakfast (which is yummy) in the main mansion house where all rooms have recently been refurbished.  Based in Bristol, Horseworld is a rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming charity.  The place is well worth a visit.  They also provide us with training facilities and access to many of their “old crocks” for gait analysis and anatomy training.  I have been having a riding lesson at Hampsley Hollow for seventeen years now. The horses are fit and well cared for, the yard is friendly and they have some brilliant instructors. Whether you take your own horse up for lessons or ride one of theirs, I’d highly recommend them. An innovative web design and computer company based in Melksham Wiltshire. 

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